Let's take off the makeup, put down the lashes, grab a cuppa, and get real. 

So... there were nights I would cry out to God because I felt I lacked direction and a purpose for my life. Even after winning Miss Ghana UK, I still didn't quite know what the next step for me was. I had no idea what I was doing with myself, I felt stagnant. It was one cold December in 2015, where I had just had enough. I had enough of thinking that it was okay for me to settle, in my life, in my relationships and in the shallow decisions I was choosing to make.

Walking to work in the snow around 5:30 am, I felt a deep sadness. This cannot be why I was created. "God what is my purpose, why am I here?"

And like a flash, I saw a beauty empire. But this kind of beauty was not mainly physical but more of character, well-being. I saw the rise in women who I felt were physically stunning, having the time of their lives, committing suicide, battling with depression and just not happy. Sometimes being beautiful is just not enough. Sinai Beauty is about being raw, being yourself, bettering yourself and understanding the power you have as a woman. What is the point, if physically you've put yourself together, yet inwardly, you are falling apart.

So I did my research and started acquiring knowledge. I spoke to several men and women, I prayed about it and the passion erupted within me. I knew I wanted to start this company but I had no idea how to. I saw the vision, but at the time, lacked the resources.


Then help started coming.


My family have been my greatest support. My mum's sweet words of encouragement, even after moments where I felt like giving up, my dad's advice and loving daily reminders on whats app, my siblings, especially my younger brother Samuel, whose faith was an inspiration and a reminder, that has God not said it, and not been able to accomplish?

God caused everything to work together.

Now, Queen Esther is a story of a woman's humility, her courage, her obedience, her beauty and most importantly her faith in God. God has given me the courage many times to face situations, that normally I'd shrivel from. My faith in God is what has sustained me through my life thus far, and winning a beauty pageant made me realise that my name 'Esther', was not given to me by coincidence, it was intentional. I was living in my purpose and did not even realise.

Queen Esther went through a 12-month beauty process, with oils and cosmetics before being presented to the king. She could not just get up, and enter the king's presence. There was a process.

Sinai beauty is the beauty process you go through before being presented to the world. My products are created with you in mind. 

Being attractive is a bonus, being a woman of substance, is what is beautiful. After months of wondering, what it was I needed to do, years of going around in circles, trying to figure out my life, in 2017 Sinai Beauty was birthed. I've put my fears aside and have decided to be vulnerable with you. My blog posts would only get more real from here. But I am prepared. I am prepared to open up myself, to grow and become a better woman.

What is it that you want to do? Just start it. If you feel stuck, un-driven, confused or somewhat lost, you do not need to go anywhere far to search for what you must do. Look within you. 

I encourage everyone to pursue their purpose. Find out the 'why?' factor behind your existence. Don't give up when times are hard, trust that if the idea entered your mind, it can be brought into manifestation. You can do it. You're strong, you're courageous, you're ambitious, you're smart and you're beautiful. You got that Sinai kind of beauty *wink*.

Let me add this; God will show you the vision, but rarely the process. He knows that if he shows you the things it would take in order for you to get there, you would be discouraged. But little did we know how impregnable we were. They said you would not make it, but you did. Though there was a pain, you endured. What a woman you are.

Believe in yourself. Take the first step, and embrace your journey, in discovering your purpose on this earth. 

"You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God" 1 Peter 3:4

With love,

Esther Anima 




  • The delivery of this message was perfect. So encouraging. Beauty is definitely just a bonus to your purpose and inner self, and I hope everyone in the world can unlock their truth.

    Rachel Akosua
  • Congrats Esther,re-establishing the true meaning of beauty.

    Prince Mensah
  • This is beautiful !!! It soo relates to me & brings so much hope knowing my uncertainties will bring me victory.

    God Bless Sinai Beauty x

    Sharon Osei
  • he has done and will continue to do great things

    Samuel Titi-Lartey Jr.
  • Proverbs 31 woman of a noble character. Esther arise and Shine walk in your God Given Destiny.

    Michelle Simmons Safo

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