The Ravens Will Provide.

My church had a conference and had invited one of my favourite preachers from Ghana to minister,  I was excited. That feeling when you think your life is about to change because God had a word for you. Inwardly I was spiritually exhausted and just needed to hear something that would ease me. 
There's a KFC right next to my church, so as I'm walking past it I'm thinking, with the only £5 in my purse, I'm going to buy a meal straight after service, I was hungry.
Praise and worship are going on as an usher leads me to a seat near the front, I'm super happy, the closer I am to the man of God, the better chance he will see me and prophesy LOL.

The pastor begins to preach, and of course, he's bringing the wisdom, then he proceeds with "there is someone here, you don't have much, but God wants you to offer a seed".
I'm looking around, waiting for someone to get up, so the preacher can continue with the message. No one gets up. At this point in my heart, I'm thinking is it me?, but I'm also thinking about that chicken I'm eating after service. 
Surely, God, it must be someone else.
The preacher continues, "In your heart you know it's you, there's someone here, trust God, even if it's just £5. I'm thinking but, how will I eat, and I hear the Spirit of God say, "I will feed you". I hesitated, but I got up and gave the £5. After service, I'm just screwing my face because I'm thinking about that chicken I'm NOT going to eat.
As I walk towards the KFC I decide to go in, not sure why.
I'm sure I should have at least £1 for something. As I'm looking at the menu, from a distance lol, fully aware that I don't have money, a lady walks beside me and asks me what I want.
Errr, pardon?
She could tell by my expression that I was a tad bit confused. She then says "you remind me of my daughter, what can I get you, choose what you want"
Guys let's just look at two things here, I walk in thinking I'm buying a £1 piece of chicken, IF THAT, and a lady now gives me an option to choose what I want.
My goodness.
As I begin to see what is happening I order the meal I originally wanted. I look at the lady and thank her. I Leave the shop with tears starting to swell in my eyes. God, you fed me. 

Let me explain something a little, I wasn't homeless or deprived. I was a young girl who had no clue on how to manage money, so any money I got was gone the day I got it. There were days where I would actually go to bed hungry. Maybe it was laziness, but I wasn't about to cook rice and stew every day.
God showed me that night that he is truly Jehovah Jireh and he provides.
In 1 Kings 17, the Lord sends Elijah to a place he has not been before. With nothing at hand. Not knowing how he would eat or where he would sleep, Elijah goes into the town.
God tells Elijah that he has commanded the ravens to bring him food. (1 Kings 17:4). God instructed birds to take meat to Elijah DAILY. The beauty in this is that even in the wilderness, God provided.
God just knows how to come through, he knows how to care for you, he will send birds to your service. Now ravens are birds who eat anything, but when God instructed them to take the food to Elijah, they did not even take a bite, the food got to Elijah whole.
This shows me that God can shift things just to meet you, he can instruct nature to serve you in the wilderness. What an awesome God we serve. I encourage you guys to trust God with your provision, what you need, in accordance with his will, he will give you.
You may start with nothing, but in the end, your cup will runneth over. Even in a desert place, it will rain.
With love,
Esther Anima
Photo Credit: The Nature Mapping Foundation


  • A beautiful & timely reminder that indeed in the Wilderness, God is still sovereign & will consider your every need. He’s waiting to act on our simple belief. Time & time again, He has come through.

    Your blog is amazing, I can already identify with some posts written. As you continue to glorify Him with your gifts & share your experience of our wonderful Father- may He continue to sow into your life, ventures & ministry.

    Debrae x

  • You showed some faith there, but i presume you worried after and i wonder what made the woman see chicken in your heart?


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