It has been too long since I last posted a blog, and I apologise.


Ive been up and down, figuring out my next step, trying to be patient for things I’ve hoped too long for, asking questions, waiting for responses that don’t quite seem to make it. And in all the disruption and chaos, confusion and wonder, I’m immensely comforted by the word ‘Timing’.


The word ’Timing’ can be a little uncomfortable.

No one wants to hear it, when you want what you want, now.


What does it even mean?


Its attributed to the popular phrase ‘Gods Timing’.


There is a time for everything. Never use someone else’s calendar of life, to determine where you need to be, or what needs to happen for you. When it is your time or your moment, you are accelerated and catapulted to heights and precious experiences you did not even know existed.


The thing about waiting for God’s timing, is never really about the waiting. Its about the building of character, the expansion of faith, the tests that birth the testimonies, the wisdom that is exposed within you.


Its always about the process. What are you learning along the way?


When you wait on the Lord, your strength is renewed. The question is not WHY should I wait, the question is HOW are you waiting?


Timing is key in this 2018 life, where everything seems hurried and easy to attain. You may think you have been put aside, but you’re being prepared. When it is your time, man, can not stop it, doors of opportunity open for you before you even knock. What took others 5 years will take you one phone call. People will come in a hurry to help you. The thing about God’s timing, is that it needs no permission. 

It will not happen because you prayed or fasted, it will happen because it is time for it to happen. Do not try too hard to push God’s hand, learn to rest in his sovereignty. He is God.


It may seem delayed now, but prepare while you wait. Because when your time comes, the glory will be evident.


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  • He has made everything beautiful, in it’s time.

    Just as you have said, I believe that if we are patient enough, we will see God’s turnaround for in our toughest of moments.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Amazingggg!! Hmmmm you’ve said a lot sis!! Thank you and God bless you for sharing! So excited that you are back on the blog posts!

  • powerful. right on time.

    Samuel Titi-Lartey Jr
  • When your time comes, the Glory will be evident! Yes indeed!


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