About Us

Sinai Beauty is a beauty, cosmetic and lifestyle company, founded by a former beauty queen, Esther Anima Titi-Lartey. It is a brand inspired by the biblical story of Queen Esther, who was adorned with oils, perfumes and cosmetics before being presented to the King. The brand represents her because she was a woman, who personified beauty, courage, and grace. Not only was she beautiful to behold, but her inner beauty captivated the hearts of those who encountered her. Though Esther's beauty attracted the king, it was her character that gave her the title of  'Queen'. At Sinai Beauty, we desire to empower all women using our diverse range of products and services, in reminding you of the royalty you are. You can shop for your beauty essentials, while staying encouraged with empowering blog posts exclusively at SinaiBeauty.com.


"My Skin Care Line is the starting point I've chosen, to usher ladies into the Sinai Beauty Experience. When asked what I wanted the result of the line to be, I instantly thought 'Radiance'. All formulations are 100% natural. Simple ingredients, which give effective results. The products allow your skin cells to breathe while restoring its natural radiance. 
Thank you for your interest in my products, and it is my sincere desire, that as you add Sinai Beauty to your regime, the radiance of your aura, reflects the true beauty, of your heart." - Esther Anima